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Vaš kanal
Podbevškova 12, SI-8000 Novo mesto
Phone386 (0) 7 393 0860, 386 (0) 7 393 0875, 386 (0) 41 388503

Launched in 1993, the regional television station Vaš kanal ('Your Channel') is broadcast on cable channel 41 throughout the territory of south eastern Slovenia (Dolenjska, Bela Krajina, Posavje, Kočevje region) and parts of Croatia by Televizija Novo mesto Ltd. It has 50,000 connections and a potential 200,000 viewers in Slovenia and another 500,000 connections in Croatia. Vaš kanal is broadcast for around 10 hours each day, from 1pm to 11 pm. The broadcast formats are BETACAM SP, DV, DVC PRO or SVHS. As well as news programmes, Vaš kanal also covers the region's social, economic and cultural events. The programme comprises a sport overview on Monday, children's programmes, heath programmes and a feature film on Tuesday, commerce and industry programmes on Wednesday, 'Cultural Mosaic' on Thursday, agriculture programmes on Friday, a review of the week on Saturday and longer reports on cultural events and sports on Sunday. Vaš kanal features also the programme for the Roma community living in the region. In 1999 Vaš kanal joined the 3rd TV Network, which bound it together with four other regional TV stations - Studio Signal TV, Vaša Television (VTV), TV Primorka and TV AS - with the aim of covering broader territory and exchanging programmes. Studio Signal functions as the headquarters of this network. Vaš kanal is a member of Association of Slovene Local Television Stations (LTV Slovenia).