Vaša Television (VTV)



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Vaša televizija (VTV)
Žarova cesta 10, SI-3320 Velenje
Phone386 (0) 3 898 6000, 386 (0) 41 201250
ProprietorVTV Studio Ltd

This combined regional (Vaša Television, VTV) and local (TV Velenje) television station broadcasts via Plešivec K52, Mozirje K46, Laško K27, KKS Velenje, KKS Murska Sobota, KKS Ljubljana-Šiška and other cable systems in Slovenia. The number of potential viewers is 750,000 in the regions of Štajerska, Koroška, partly Dolenjska, Prekmurje, Ljubljana, North Croatia and Austrian Carinthia. It transmits 63 hours of programming weekly, and around 9 hours daily. As well as informative programmes (regional news covering the Savinjska and Koroška region, Good Morning, Delegate's Office, Minister's Chair, Mayor's Cake), the station also runs sports programmes (Sport Guest, Sport Tuesday), entertainment programmes (The Best Spot, Video Top, Music Labyrynth, Minutes for Classic Music, Folk Music, Music Guest, Music Events Records, Humour Parade), children's programmes (Miš maš, Young Hopes, cartoons, drama series and puppetry) and a range of other programmes, including cultural shows (Evening Guests, Health Programme, Open Theme, Good Evening Mr President, Animal World, Other World, documentaries, portraits, cinema programmes, films and series).

In 1999 Vaša Television joined the 3rd TV Network, which bound it together with four other regional TV stations - Studio Signal TV, TV Primorka, Vaš kanal and TV AS - with the aim of covering broader territory and exchanging programmes.

Vaša Television is a member of Association of Slovene Local Television Stations (LTV Slovenia).