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Didakta založništvo in izobraževanje d.o.o. Radovljica
Gorenjska cesta 33c, SI-4240 Radovljica
Phone386 (0) 4 532 0200
Fax386 (0) 4 532 0211
Rudi Zaman, Director
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Didakta Publishing House was established in 1989 and up to 2007 it had published more than 700 titles. The Didakta programme consists primarily of books for children and children's encyclopaedias, but also includes popular handbooks for parents and adolescents as well as travel books and selected literary translations. Didakta Publishing House also issues photo-illustrated monographs on Slovene artists, travellers and other eminent Slovenes. Since 1991 it has also been publishing the magazine Didakta, dedicated to current issues in didactics and pedagogics, theory as well as school praxis.

In 2008, Didakta received two grants for its Pleiades [Gostosevci] book series from the Culture Programme of the European Union. The series features both established and upcoming writers from abroad who are still undiscovered in Slovenia. The 8 titles selected for the series Pleiades: Contemporary Quest for Freedom focus on the individual and one's quest for freedom in escaping family and/or societal conventions while at the same time searching for personal identity, love, and artistic expression. Authors included Irena Dousková, Jiří Kratochvil, Sarah Waters, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Jan Guillou, Connie Palmen, Wojciech Kuczok, and Grecso Krisztian.

The 6 titles in the second selection for the series Pleiades: Fiction versus Reality in European Literature introduced works dealing with fictions that tended to subvert and even overtake the reality of the characters. Authors included Cristiano Cavina, Filip Florian, Eduardo Lago, Doris Lessing, Pascal Mercier, and Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

In May 2011 Didakta Publishing House presented Matias Faldbakken, a writer from Norway, within Scandinavian Spring events in Ljubljana. The trilogy The Cocka Hola Company, Macht und Rebel and Unfun that was translated into Slovene by Darko Čuden, took place at Konzorcij Mladinska knjiga Bookstores).

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