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Ebesede, knjigarna in založba, d.o.o.
Likozarjeva 3, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Jože Piano
Phone386 (0) 40 719 515
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Ebesede (E-words) Publishing House derives from Piano Publishing House, which launched its first title in 2001 and focused on introducing quality foreign literature that was previously overlooked in Slovenia. Piano Publishing House was also devoted to discovering up-and-coming Slovene authors and publishing children's literature and picture books. In 2008 Jože Piano, Andrej Klemenc and Miha Mazzini established Ebesede Publishing House, which succeeded Piano in 2011, and launched a new online bookstore, while staying true to its original programme.

Previous activities

Piano Publishing House took part in various charitable activities, especially those that endeavoured to develop and stimulate reading culture. The publication of picture books for children suffering from dyslexia attested to their active concern. The annual guide to reading quality youth literature prepared by Pionirska - Centre for Youth Literature and Librarianship often recognised the quality of their picture books and books for children. The publishing house collaborated with both Slovene and foreign acclaimed and award-winning authors, for example, Marjana Moškrič, the winner of the 2009 Desetnica Award. They organised book and author presentations and invited foreign authors to Slovenia to introduce their work.

Translation projects

Piano Publishing House was awarded financial support for translating certain works of quality European literature by the EU Culture Programme for encouraging the transnational circulation of art, culture and intercultural dialogue.

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