Gibanica (Moving Cake) Festival of Slovene Dance


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Contact info
Gibanica, festival slovenskega plesa
Metelkova 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 432 2390
Fax386 (0) 1 432 2390
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Organised byContemporary Dance Association Slovenia
Frequencybiennial (2019)
Festival dates21.2.2013 - 23.2.2013
18.2.2015 - 21.2.2015
8.3.2017 - 11.3.2017
27.2.2019 - 2.3.2019
24.2.2021 - 27.2.2021
Goran Bogdanovski, Member of Artistic Board
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Mojca Zupanič, Producer
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Urška Comino, Public relations
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Since 2003 the Gibanica (Moving Cake) Festival of Slovene Dance has been a competitive contemporary dance festival whose name is a pun on the Slovene verb for moving (gibati) and a traditional Slovene pastry (gibanica), which varies from region to region. The biennial festival presents an overview of the most outstanding Slovene dance performance of the preceding 2 years.

Since 2011 the festival is managed by the Contemporary Dance Association Slovenia in cooperation with a network of partners and takes place at a number of venues across Ljubljana.

Programme and organisation

The festival aspires to present the diversity of the Slovene dance scene to the local and international audiences. Presented at various venues in Ljubljana, it embraces a range of dance forms from "pure" to "hybrid", including works of both the established generation as well as dance pieces by newcomers who are just beginning to make their mark on the dance scene. The main programme of the Moving Cake Festival features around 12 shows by selected Slovene dance artists, which compete for the Gibanica (Moving Cake) Festival of Slovene Dance Award – one is selected by the audience and the other by an international jury. Several performances are presented in the side programme, which also includes discussions and round tables taking a critical look at the Slovene dance scene, and occasionally workshops and/or exhibitions. The festival is attended by numerous international dance critics, festival directors, and producers.

The selection of the programme is entrusted to an international team of dance experts and/or artists, who make a selection from commonly over 50 applied productions. Thus, beside Slovene selectors, the platform has thus far hosted co-selectors such as John Ashford, Ivana Ivković, and Samme Raeymaekers. The 2011 festival hosted as a co-selector Virve Sutinen, President of IETM Board and Artistic director of Dansens Hus, Sweden; the 2013 festival invited Klaus Ludwig, producer and director of the STUK Arts Center in Leuven, who has also given a workshop on the production aspects of creating performances; while the 2015 co-selector was Marc Olivé López, programmer of Teatre Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, Spain.

Ksenija Hribar Awards, awarded by the Contemporary Dance Association Slovenia, are also presented at the closing event of the platform.

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