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The Golden Pear Label is a project of the Pionirska - Centre for Youth Literature and Librarianship, which is part of the Ljubljana City Library. It is a label for the quality of children’s and youth books, which has been awarded since 2004.


Each year, the number of books published for children and youth is increasing, but this also increases the uncontrollability and unmanageability of the very field of children’s and youth literature. The Golden Pear Label – prepared by the Pioneer Library, with the mission of promoting reading and drawing attention to the quality production of Slovenian books for children and young people – is an opportunity for a better view in this regard, as well as an opportunity to make the public aware that children’s and youth literature is part of general art and culture and that children’s and youth fiction also has a social, psychological, ethical and cultural mission.

A Manual for Reading Quality Youth Books

A Special Expert Commission has been appointed to prepare a Manual for Reading Quality Youth Books which transparently and systematically represents the production of children’s books and youth books for each current year and which is an indispensable tool for professional work, book education and book search support for libraries. The Manual is also intended for individuals who do care what their children read. On its basis, a Special Expert Commission has been evaluating children's and youth works and authors, and giving out a Golden Pear Label to those editions that stand out as the best in a given year.


Among the excellent editions, a Special Expert Commission select the best four books in four different categories and give them four awards, namely, the Golden Pear Labels: for the original Slovenian youth fiction book; for the original Slovenian youth educational book; for a translated youth fiction book; and for a translated youth education book. Golden Pear Label for 2017, for example, received the following books: Anja Štefan, “Crumbs from Mouse Valley”; Rada Kos, “From Small Pot to Pot”; and Idan Ben-Barak “Do Not Lick this Book”. Valuation results are also intended to provide information to publishers.

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