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Kulturno društvo Čedermac
Čezsoča 127, SI-5230 Bovec

The KD Čedermac Cultural Association was founded in 2003 by theatre director Marjan Bevk (1951 – 2015) in order to promote cultural cooperation among Slovenes living in different regions and different countries, especially the regions of Posočje (the region along the Soča River and the western border of Slovenia), Benečija/Veneto, and Koroška (the region along the northern border of Slovenia near Austria). The association also promotes cultural cooperation with Slovene diaspora, especially in Italy, and the importance of Slovenian language and its heritage.

In 2009 the association was a partner organisation in the EU-funded project Comics Opera (Opera Fumetto), together with partners from Austria (Ivents Kulturagentur Lientscher & Perna KG), Greece Attiki Cultural Society) and the Association Rane from Orvieto, Italy. The project strived to raise awareness of emerging linguistic and behavioiral forms, in a context of global and interlinguistic environments.

The association also organises theatre seminars, like the one in 2010 co-organised with the Institute for Slovene Culture, Beneško gledališče/Associazione filodrammatica della Benečija, and concerts.

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