Koroška Multimedia Centre (MMC Koroška)

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URIs of the form "nucam.info@gmail.com, info@nucam.info" are not allowed.
URIs of the form "nucam.info@gmail.com, info@nucam.info" are not allowed.
Multimedijski center Koroške (MMC Koroške)
info@nucam.info nucam.info@gmail.com, info@nucam.info
Celjska cesta 22, SI-2380 Slovenj Gradec
Phone386 (0) 2 882 9585
Managed byMKC Slovenj Gradec Youth Culture Centre

Koroška Multimedia Centre (MMC Koroška) was launched in early 2006 within the MKC Slovenj Gradec Youth Culture Centre. It offers free Internet access, a lecture room with the modern ICT equipment and a multimedia recording studio. The centre promotes the creative use of new technology and a range of multimedia projects. Its new multimedia information portal Nucam.info lists all important current events in the region. Part of the M3C Multimedia Centres Network of Slovenia, MMC Koroška serves the Carinthia region.

The MMC Koroška organised Multimedia Days in May 2014.

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