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Kramp Fest
Organised byA band
Festival dates1.6.2012 - 2.6.2012
7.6.2013 - 8.6.2013
20.6.2014 - 21.6.2014
29.5.2015 – 30.5.2015
27.5.2016 – 28.5.2016
26.5.2017 - 28.5.2017
25.5.2018 - 27.5.2018
24.5.2019 - 26.5.2019
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Kramp Fest (also called Privat piknik) was launched in 2008, when a mild annoyance about the lethargic state of affairs in the Idrija region led a local enthusiast to set up an ad hoc hc punk festival. Now over half a decade later, the festival that takes place in the village of Godovič and along the coast of a moderately sized pond, still retains a DIY ethic and an unpretentious punk attitude.

The non-profit festival goes on for two days, usually has about a dozen bands and is based on donations and volunteer-work.

Music-wise, the festival is actually very unconcerned about genres and hosts music that ranges from rock, punk and black metal to ska, grindcore and psychobilly. Still, the main expression is punk rock, played more or less by bands from Slovenia, who are sometimes joined by musicians from neighbouring countries and occasionally from elsewhere as well.

Some of the bands hosted at Kramp Fest include Muškat Hamburg, Joko Ono, Indust Bag, Alkohol, Dance Mamblita, Extreme Smoke 57, Đornata, Via Ofenziva, Zaprti oddelek, Clockwork Psycho, Alkohol, Vivere Merda (IT), Hijos del pueblo (HR), Bestial vomit (IT), AK 47 (HR), Nulla osta (HR), Concrete worms (RS), Punkart (BA), Satan (FR) and so on.

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