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Grad Kromberk
Grajska cesta 1, SI-5000 Nova Gorica
Phone386 (0) 5 335 9811
Fax386 (0) 5 335 9820
Managed byGoriška Museum

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The two-storey Renaissance-style castle is an early 17th-century reconstruction of a 13th-century fortress built by Henrick Dornberg. Since 1954 the Kromberk Castle has accommodated the Goriška Museum with its rich collection of paintings, cultural and historical artefacts, and rooms for occasional exhibitions. A terraced garden around the manor has been partly reconstructed in accordance with the data about its state in the 18th century. It has been declared a cultural monument.


Named after its owner Ivan Marija Coronini, who in 1609 acquired the title "von Cronberg", it is a typical Renaissance building with a square ground plan and four corner towers. The castle was severely damaged in both world wars, but was renovated after each. The library, archives, and interior equipment were burnt down in fires. The castle underwent extensive renovation work after 1954, when it was dedicated to the Goriška Museum headquarters. The interior was designed by the architect Janez Suhadolc.


The historic exhibition Primorska 1918–1947 and the art-history exhibition are on display at the castle. The art works from the middle age and Baroque period, the art works by 19th century painters Franc Kavčič, Josip Tominc, and Anton Karinger as well as many others are part of the art-history collection. In the gallery hall of the first floor art works of 20th-century Primorska artists are exhibited.

A smaller lapidary of coats of arms of Gorizia noble families is arranged in the entrance hall and in the park. In the first floor of the eastern wing is a restaurant.


The castle is surrounded by a reconstructed Baroque park and a fountain from 1774 in its centre. In the southern axis the winter garden with the grotto and a statue of Kronos is maintained. To the west of the castle stands the falcons' tower, another fountain from 1663, and the Baroque statue of St John the Nepomuk from 1738, both were brought from other locations. In the place where the horse stables once stood is now a parking lot.

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