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Monochrome arhitekti
Poljanska cesta 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 438 2650
Fax386 (0) 438 2655
Managed byDruštvo Monochrome - Center za arhitekturo in nove medije

Monochrome Arhitekti is a leading Ljubljana-based architecture firm. Peter Vezjak is a renowned architect and interior designer who has also directed several music and fashion videos, and Špela Hudnik is also active as a theoretician. Monochrome Arhitekti previously organised a biennial called the International Festival of Architecture and New Media.


The studio's recent work has focused on imaginative residential projects: The In-Between Pavilion, a covered walkway linking two existing homes, was built in 2017 in Austria, and the Jeny Villa, a unique residential space for an art collector on the Portuguese coast, was completed in 2018.

The studio organised the International Festival of Architecture and New Media. The first festival, entitled Bionic Territories, took place in 2001 at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana. The second festival was held in 2003 was entitled Ultraskin and took place at Museum of Modern Art, and Euphoria, the third and final edition of the festival, was held at the Tobačna Factory in 2005.

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