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Monochrome arhitekti
Poljanska cesta 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 438 2650
Fax386 (0) 438 2655
Managed byDruštvo Monochrome - Center za arhitekturo in nove medije

Monochrome Arhitekti is a leading Ljubljana-based architecture firm. Peter Vezjak has designed several interiors (in collaboration with Metod Prijatelj), while Špela Hudnik is also a theoretician who has specialised in the so-called 'bionic territories'. Up to 2007 the Monochrome Architects organised also three editions of a biennial called International Festival of Architecture and New Media.

Biennial 2001–2005

The first festival of 2001 was entitled Bionic Territories and took place at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana; the second festival of 2003 was entitled Ultraskin and took place at Museum of Modern Art; and the third festival of 2005 was entitled Euphoria and took place at the Tobačna Factory. The latter featured several performances, the exhibitions 'City and Skyscrapers' and 'Building the Imaginary' (Ora Ito), a fashion show by United Nude and Cliché, and a series of lectures featuring Ora Ito, Paris-based designers Dominique Jakob, Brendan MacFarlane and Rudy Ricciotti, Rome-based architects Gabriele Mastrigli and Luca Galofaro, and Hans Ibelings from Amsterdam. The festival also featured panel discussions and documentary film screenings.

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