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Negligence Studio
Founded byDenis Mauko
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Negligence Studio is a recording studio founded in 2010 and run by Denis Mauko. It is situated in the village of Klopce (Dolsko) approximately 20 km from Ljubljana, with a separate studio for guitar and bass recording in Domžale. It offers recording, arranging, mixing and mastering services, and its personnel are available for production, orchestration, commissioned composition and session work within the genres of pop, rock, metal and orchestral.

The studio's main artistic focus, however, is on death, black and thrash metal. It has recorded, mixed orchestrated and composed for Sinister (NL, Deformation of the Holy Realm, 2020, orchestration and composition), Sekhmet (CZ, Consumed By Void, 2019, production and mixing) and Voracious Scourge (USA, composition). The studio also assumes full recording and production duties for Condemnatio Cristi, Mauko's own ongoing "cinematic black metal" project, and was the location for the recording of Coordinates of Confusion by legendary thrasher-metallers Negligence, the first Slovenian metal act ever to have an album released worldwide by a foreign label.

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