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Panda Banda is a collective that organises concerts and releases records under the self-funded record label Panda Banda Records. Panda Banda started off as a couple who organised hardcore punk concerts in MKC Koper Youth and Culture Centre, but until this day it has also helped to organise concerts in Pivka House of Culture - Čuza, Postojna Youth Centre (MC Postojna), as well as in Ljubljana at Tovarna Rog and Klub Menza pri koritu in Metelkova mesto. In addition, they annually organise the most cacophonous festival Koper has ever seen, Pandamonium.

They believe and work by the do-it-yourself ethics, which is typical for the hardcore punk subculture as it goes against the modern consumer culture. Their value system passionately revolves around anarchism, feminism, anti-fascism and animal, earth and human liberation. If you were to ask the musicians who have performed under the organisation of Panda Banda, they would probably all unanimously declare that Panda Banda prepared for them the best vegan meal ever. Panda Banda also has online distribution, where you can buy and even trade albums from their own and other labels.

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