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See below the list of puppetry festivals that have featured also authors from Slovenia. The data source is the Culture.si database of worldwide events, collected since 2010.

In case you miss the festival or author(s) presented abroad, please let us know (data required).

Click on a country name to get the list of literary events taking place in that country.

Click on a festival and check who was presented at particular festival edition(s).

  1. Albania- DocuTiff, Tirana International Documentary Film Festival 1 event
  2. Austria- International Puppet Festival Wels 1 event
  3. Austria- International Puppet Theater Festival 1 event
  4. Austria- International Puppet Theater Festival 1 event
  5. Austria- KuKuK, Regional Theatre Festival For Young Audiences Wildon 2 events
  6. Austria- PannOpticum - International Puppet Theatre Festival 1 event
  7. Bosnia_and_Herzegovina- Banja Luka International Festival of Children's Theatre 1 event
  8. Bosnia_and_Herzegovina- FEDU Children Arts Festival 1 event
  9. Bosnia_and_Herzegovina- International Puppet Theatre Festival Banja Luka 1 event
  10. Bulgaria- International Puppet Theatre Festival Plovdiv 1 event
  11. China- Chengdu International Puppet Festival 1 event
  12. Croatia- Conference of Puppeteers and Puppet Theaters 1 event
  13. Croatia- International Puppet Theatre Festival 1 event
  14. Croatia- Lutkokaz International Puppetry Festival 1 event
  15. Croatia- Naj, naj, naj Festival Zagreb 1 event
  16. Croatia- PIF, International Puppet Theatre Festival Zagreb 1 event
  17. Croatia- PIF Zagreb, International Puppet Theatre Festival 4 events
  18. Croatia- Revue of Puppet Theatres in Rijeka 3 events
  19. Croatia- SLUK Festival Osijek 1 event
  20. Czech_Republic- Colours of Ostrava Festival 1 event
  21. Czech_Republic- Festival Jiraskuv Hronov 1 event
  22. Czech_Republic- Festival of Czech professional puppet and alternative theatre Plzeň 1 event
  23. Czech_Republic- Festival of Puppeteers Chrudim 1 event
  24. Czech_Republic- International Puppet Festival Hradec Králové 1 event
  25. Czech_Republic- International Theatre Festival of Independent and Amateur Theatres APOSTROF 1 event
  26. Czech_Republic- International Theatre Festival Plzeň 1 event
  27. Czech_Republic- Králové Mateřinka - International festival of professional puppet theatres 1 event
  28. Czech_Republic- Spectaculo Interesse Festival Ostrava 2 events
  29. Estonia- NuQ Treff Visual Theatre Festival 7 events
  30. Finland- Mukamas - International Puppet Theatre Festival 1 event
  31. Finland- SAMPO International Puppet Theatre Festival 2 events
  32. France- Les Giboulées Festival 1 event
  33. France- World Puppet Theatre Festival Charleville-Mézières 2 events
  34. Germany- International Puppet Theatre Festival Blickwechsel 1 event
  35. Germany- Panoptikum Festival 1 event
  36. Germany- Synergura International Puppet Theatre Festival 1 event
  37. Hungary- Pécs International Puppet Festival for Adults 1 event
  38. Ireland- Baboró international Arts Festival for Children 1 event
  39. Israel- International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Film Holon 1 event
  40. Lithuania- Kaunas International Puppet Theatre Festival 1 event
  41. Montenegro- International Children's Theatre and Puppet Festival Podgorica 1 event
  42. Netherlands- ILT Festival 1 event
  43. Netherlands- International Stilte Festival 2 events
  44. Poland- International Festival Łomża 1 event
  45. Poland- Lalkarze przeszli przez Słupsk EUROFEST 1 event
  46. Poland- Take Part in Art - International Theatre Festival for Early Years 1 event
  47. Poland- Valise Festival 1 event
  48. Russia- International Festival of Puppet Theatre Moscow 1 event
  49. Serbia- Zlatna iskra Festival Kragujevac 2 events
  50. Slovakia- Bratislava Puppet Theatre Festival 1 event
  51. Slovakia- Festival Babkova Žilina 1 event
  52. Slovakia- Kremnica Gags, International Festival of Humour and Satire 1 event
  53. Spain- Teatralia International Dramatic Arts Festival for Children and Young Adults 2 events
  54. Turkey- Izmir International Puppet Days 7 events
  55. Turkey- Izmir International Puppet Days 1 event
  56. United_Kingdom- Manipulate Festival 1 event
  57. United_Kingdom- Puppet Animation Festival in Scotland 1 event
  58. USA- Kids Euro Festival (USA) 1 event

Consult also our interactive map of worldwide events.


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