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Rožančeva nagrada
Cankarjeva 10b, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 244 4560
Fax386 (0) 1 244 4586
Founded byMihelač Publishing House
 Dnevnik Publishing House
Managed by[[Nova revija Institute on behalf of Marjan Rožanc Fund]]
Tomaž Zalaznik, Director

The Rožanc Award is an award given each year since 1993 for the best collection of essays written in Slovenian. It was first granted by Mihelač Publishing House and Dnevnik Newspaper, but since 1998 it has been administered by the Marjan Rožanc Fund, which was established by Mihelač Publishing House and Nova revija Publishing House. The award is named after one of the most celebrated Slovene essayists, Marjan Rožanc.

The recent winners are: Marcel Štefančič Jr. for Kdor prej umre, bo dlje mrtev in 2014, Alojz Ihan for Državljanski eseji in 2013, Meta Kušar for Kaj je poetično ali Ura ilegale in 2012, and Miklavž Komelj for Nujnost poezije in 2011.

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