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Contact info
Zemljepisni muzej Slovenije
Gosposka 13, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 470 6358
Fax386 (0) 1 425 7793
Managed byAnton Melik Geographical Institute
Primož Gašperič, Head

Founded in 1946 as an independent state institution within the Ministry of Education, and incorporated into the Anton Melik Geographical Institute in 1961, the Slovene Geographical Museum is responsible for collecting, preserving and organising Slovenia's cartographic heritage. The Museum incorporates a hall which is used for school visits and other educational activities, for visiting exhibitions, and for lectures, round table discussions and presentations of new books.


The Museum's cartographic collection dates from the 16th century and encompasses maps for different purposes and at different scales; besides general purpose maps it also holds different thematic and topographic maps as well as school wall maps and atlases. A great deal of the material is connected with Slovene territory and the neighbouring countries. Important holdings include the first edition of Valvasor's Die Ehre des Hertzogthums Crain (Glory of the Duchy of Carniola), a Münster edition of Ptolemy's Geography, and a Florjančič map of Carniola dating from 1744.

The pictorial collection comprises postcards and photographs of Slovene settlements, as well as a limited number of copperplate printings and lithographs. The statistical data collection includes archival statistical material connected with Slovenia, and the 'progress in geography' collection includes documents showing the development of the geographical profession and activities of professional organisations, in particular the Geographical Society of Slovenia.

Museum library

The Museum includes a library of 2,150 items, which includes professional literature on geography and related areas as well as various older periodicals. Access may be granted for study purposes to individuals and institutions.


The Museum has organised several exhibitions, on subjects ranging from historical cartographic material and modern cartographic images of Slovenia to the life and work of academician Svetozar Ilešič and the Geographical Society of Slovenia. These and other exhibitions have played an active role at geographical gatherings and other professional meetings.

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