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Slovenska smučarska zbirka
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Melanija Primožič, Director
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The Slovenes like to boast that they are a skiing nation with a long and rich tradition. In 1993 Aleš and Svetozar Guček sought to underpin this assertion by establishing the first Slovene skiing collection. It was opened to the public on 18 March 1994 as part of the opening ceremony of the ski flying world championship in Planica, held on the 60th anniversary of the first ski jumping competition in Planica.


The collection offers a comprehensive survey of the development of skiing from the first Lapland skiers in around 3500 BCE onwards and includes other fields like hunting, the army and combat on skis, travelling and discoveries, sports and competition, the activities of teachers and coaches, tourism, ski touring and alpine descents, the foundation of ski associations in Slovenia and abroad, the development of Alpine skiing techniques, a presentation of the best skiers, and skiing for the disabled. Among the exhibited objects (badges, cups, diplomas, publications, skis and other equipment, arranged by periods) the highlights include original skis from Bloke, documents on the Planica ski flying events including a complete collection of stamps, the skis of Ingemar Stenmark and Mateja Svet, Japanese skis and bamboo sticks, the first Norwegian-type skis made in Slovenia, the first medals won by Slovenes at the unofficial world skiing competition for the disabled, the Grand Prix golden diploma awarded in London to the skiing competition of the disabled, and the Grand Prix golden diploma awarded in London to Slovene ski-maker Predalič.

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