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Studio Mitja Miklavčič
Slovenska 19, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 31 656 493
Mitja Miklavčič
Phone386 (0) 31 656 493
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Studio Mitja Miklavčič was established in 2008 by Mitja Miklavčič, a graphic designer specialised in typeface design and information architecture, who also holds strong skills in the fields of branding and editorial design. He was a lecturer at the international TypoBerlin 2009 design conference and at the Festival of Letters in 2010, and one of the exhibitors at the Designing the Republic exhibition, showcased at the Museum of Architecture and Design in 2011. Together with the Gigodesign team they created a corporate identity for the country in 2009.

Currently based in Ljubljana, the studio is cooperating with several advertising agencies in Slovenia and various well-known type foundries including Fontsmith (London), FontShop (Berlin), and the US House Industries, among others. Several articles on their work have been published in international magazines, to mention only Page Magazine (DE), Compter Arts in Grafik Magazine (UK), Add Magazine (BE), and Typo (CZ).


Mitja graduated with a distinction at the University of Reading, UK. The typeface based on his master's degree was later fine-tuned and published by FontShop Int. It soon became one of the most popular fonts, particularly in digital media, such as websites and mobile phones.


In 2004 Mitja Miklavčič received the Student Prešeren Award, in 2005 the Brumen Award for the Tuš corporate identity manual, created within his work at Gigodesign. His typeface familiy FF Tisa was awarded the TDC Certificate of Excellence in Type Design in 2007, one year later FF Tisa was chosen by FontShop as one of the 20 Typefaces of 2008. The typeface for the Slovene Government won the competition in 2009 along with the new corporate identity design that was developed together with Gigodesign.

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