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{{Featured article horizontal|Razvezani jezik - The Unleashed Tongue}} {{Featured article horizontal|Compendium of Cultural Policies
The Centre of Slavic Cultures France Prešeren organises various cultural events, thematic evenings, festivals, workshops, concerts of various music genres, from jazz and acoustics to metal and trap, theatre performances, improvisation theatre and stand-up evenings, exhibitions and children's events, literary and poetry readings.
19 February 2021 01:40:22
DIVA Station is a research and study archive of video and new media art developed and maintained by the SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts.
19 February 2021 00:32:14
The Slovene Research Agency (ARRS) is an independent public funding organisation that performs tasks related to the National Research and Development Programme and the creation of a European Research Area.
19 February 2021 00:45:46
Primorske novice was established when two newspapers Primorske novice and Slovenski Jadran (1953) were unified.
16 October 2020 16:08:53
Jazzinty 2009 Mentors performance Photo Robert Kruh.jpg
Founded in 2000, the Jazzinty International Music Workshop and Festival is a week-long series of workshops, masterclasses and concerts that takes place every August in the town of Novo mesto.
19 February 2021 00:32:10
Founded in 1994, the France Mihelič Gallery, Škofja Loka permanently exhibits 59 art pieces of painter, graphic artist, and illustrator France Mihelič (1907–1998), who is especially known for his expressionistic and phantasmagoric visual language.
10 February 2020 21:33:53
The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Slovenia provides a range of consular services, disseminates information about the Slovak Republic in Slovenia and looks for cooperation opportunities.
2 December 2020 23:29:00
The Embassy of Ireland in Slovenia was established in 2001.
20 March 2020 21:55:28
Bled Festival 2016 Cello Attacca! at St. Martin's Church Photo Boris Pretnar.jpg
Held each summer in a picturesque Alpine town, the Bled Festival first took of in 1996.
19 February 2021 00:31:36
Pixxelpoint International Festival of Contemporary Art Practices 2014 Photo Matej Vidmar.jpg
The Pixxelpoint International Festival of Contemporary Art Practices, organised by Nova Gorica Arts Centre, was launched in 2000.
19 February 2021 00:32:49
Zavod Big 2019 Creative Tourism Festival (4) Photo Milos Horvat.jpg
Foto: Miloš Horvat
Creative Tourism Festival, 2019.
8 February 2021 01:26:55
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