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Miklošičeva cesta 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone059 97 89 83

ZOOFA is a fashion designers' cooperative and a shop, offering locally designed-and-made products. Established in 2013, ZOOFA unites Slovenian designers in the field of fashion and applied arts, showcasing their work in the centre of Ljubljana.

A unique fashion cooperative

Through the years, ZOOFA has achieved great success, becoming the main Slovenian fashion design spot with 11 local designers, selling their garments, shoes, bags, other accessories. It has earned the trust of many famous women in Slovenia (actresses, singers, the hosts of TV shows, bloggers ...) and abroad, outlining their uniqueness and confidence.

A visitor will find astonishing pieces in the store, run solely by the designers themselves, and will thus have opportunity to contact the designers personally. They exchange by days, so you can always visit your favourite designer, but there is always one of them present to welcome you, to advice you and to serve you; you can also order clothes to your own measure. Nevertheless all items are produced in small quantities or are even unique, in one-size only, and they have their own stamp – a brand, a name, a label! Enabling each designer to present her or his story and the costumer to become part of it.

There's no need for fashion admirers to go abroad or order from another continent to embrace yourself in a piece of art! And if you have your own brand and are interested to offer your work in their shop, simply klick pop-up on their website, as every month they host a guest designer, who can – in a small pop-up corner – sell his or her items.

ZOOFA was present at Ljubljana Fashion Week (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), Mercedez Benz Fashion Week 2018. In 2020, Julija Kaja Hrovat was nominated for the Elle Style Awards Slovenia.

Mask_Sign Project

In the spirit of the sad "Covid situation", some of the Zoofa designers took part in the project Mask_Sign (MASK + de SIGN), voluntary sewing protective washable face masks free of charge for vulnerable groups and focal institutions.

Mask_Sign is a non profitable charity association, based on the initiative of the Faller Inštitut (Urška Faller Davidson), Society for Textile and Fashion Design (SOTO) and Zoofa. It is a global project for contributing to the general protection of Covid-19 measures to overcome today's crisis. Anyone with a knowledge of sewing is invited to cooperate. In the spring of 2020, in a period of three to four weeks, 7000 washable fabric face masks for adults and about 300 for children were made. Masks were sent to different institutions (hospitals, clinics for oncology, pediatric clinics, maternity hospitals, elderly homes, centres for social work, safe houses ...) and to vulnerable social groups (elderly, chronically-ill patients, addicts, socially marginalised), even to Finland and the UK.

The project received Elle Style Awards in 2020 for special achievements and is presented on a European site , a site made to gather all initiatives and information related to the cultural and creative sectors in the EU in response to the Covid-19 crisis, as a deed of good practice.



Janja Videc, FIRMA by Sanja (Sanja Grcić), Tina Pavlin, Simona Kogovšek, Renata Bedene, Princip (Mojca Celin), Nelizabeta (Neli Štrukelj), Paticia Pie (Barbara Franjić), David Bacalli, Ni – Nikoli isto (Nina Holc).


Dalija Šega, Mancca (Manca Končnik), Ovivia (Julijana Lapuh), Urška Zrnec, Kristina Drnovšek, BOHO Headwear (Špela Strašek), KUOLMI (Marjeta Hribar), MOM (Martina Obid Mlakar), BUBALINA (Barbara Izda), Neža Žehelj, Margaret 88 (Marjeta Pezdirec).

Participating in Mask_Sign

Mojca Celin, Nina Holc, Simona Kogovšek, Renata Bedene, Tina Pavlin, Barbara Franjič, Kaja Hrovat, Janja Videc, Sanja Grcić.

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SI-1000 Ljubljana +
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ZOOFA is a fashion designers' cooperative and a shop, offering locally designed-and-made products. +
ZOOFA is a fashion designers' cooperative and a shop, offering locally designed-and-made products. +
+059 97 89 83 +
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