Harlem Underground

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Harlem Underground
Srebrničeva 12, SI-5210 Deskle
Phone386 (0) 31 603 887
Romildo Kumar

Self-trained, hyper-productive musician and painter Romildo Kumar alias Harlem Underground started his solo experimentation in the late 1990s in the small town of Deskle, after having been involved in the hard-core and post hard-core scenes of the late 1980s and early 1990s as bass player in the band Link Der Wasser. Using analogue samplers, sequencers and effects, Romildo mixes sound sources and loops, samples live and records the results in real time on CD-R. The sounds of piano, bass, reeds and programmed beats are melded in a unique lo-fi post-digital jazz blend. Romildo has collaborated with a number of local and international musicians, from free jazzers to rappers.

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