Marjan Lovšin Gallery

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Galerija Marjan Lovšin
Breg 8, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 426 0402
Marjan Lovšin, Director

Archival article

Marjan Lovšin Gallery in the old town area of Ljubljana specialises in objects (mostly vases – the Marjan Lovšin flower shop is situated close by) made of glass, porcelain, ceramics and wood. The vision of the Marjan Lovšin Gallery is in the vase that envelops the soul. It presents designers who have created works for Orrefors (Sweden), Venini and Kose (Italy), Ceramics Mobach (Netherlands), Manufacture Hering (Berlin), Artel (Prague), Royal Copenhagen. Oskar Kogoj and Tanja Pak are the most eminent Slovene artists represented here.

Exhibition space

  • dimensions: 25m² (5m x 5m x 3.3m H) incorporating 18 linear metres of wall space
  • installation system: shelves, sculpture pedestals and display cabinets also available
  • lighting: halogen and fluorescent lighting system throughout
  • climate control: none
  • sales policy: sales permitted (% by appointment)
  • security: security system installed