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The electronic dance music duo Ichisan & Nakova was founded in 2006. It consists of Igor Škafar and Jure Nakova, both experienced musicians, of whom one used to play the bass and the other the guitar. As Ichisan & Nakova they have specialised in electronica, but they still spice it up with live instruments. They are producing their own unique and very groovy style of nu disco, sometimes also called Yugo Disco, a term coined by themselves.

Aside from being music producers, Ichisan & Nakova are also a well established DJ tandem that played extensively in the United States, where they have a rather enthusiastic following.

Releases and performances

Ichisan & Nakova have released their music at such places as the London based Nang Records (where they were responsible for a very well received album Yugo Tempo in 2010), the Italian label Pizzico Nobel, on Disciple Of Groove (from Spain) and recently also at the Cosmic Pint Glass.

They (either together or individually) played at numerous festivals and club abroad (City Bisco (US), Luna Light Music and Arts Festival (IR), the Garden festival (HR), the PlayStation Theater (US), etc), as well as at the Maribor Electronic Destination International Festival, the Flow Festival and others.

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