Prostor Gallery

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Galerija Prostor
Soteska 8, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 40 558 012
Dime Temkov

Since 2012 the exhibition space at Soteska 8 is called Prostor Gallery and it is run by the Festival of Love and Art Society (FLU) and Studio 8, a non-profit multicultural interdisciplinary art organisations.

Prostor is not narrowly specialised for presenting artworks in a certain medium or with specific themes so it welcomes everyone, including less-established artists. The gallery is led by Dime Temkov who aims to create a friendly environment with coffee and wireless Internet for visitors to hang out among the artworks. Besides exhibitions, Prostor also hosts other events such as poetry readings, book presentations, etc., and the director of Studio 8 Damjana Lavrič leads various art workshops.


The new gallery was opened with Trio Inside Outside, the last exhibition by the TukadMUNGA members Iskra Beličanska, Vladimir Leben, and Joao Paulo Nasri who presented their work in February 2012. Later, the artworks by Dime Temkov, Aleksander Nišević, Paola Korošec, and Vladimir Leben were exhibited. The Art of Kavadarci – an exhibition by Macedonian artists in May and a photographic exhibition by Siniša Rankov in July followed. The same month there was also a documentary exhibition Ujeta Sajeta featuring artworks, for instance, sculpture by Dušan Gerlica, documentary photographs of workshops, and video documentation of past Sajeta festivals.


The space at Soteska 8 had been used for artistic events (open studios, workshops) even before the formal establishment of the gallery TukadMUNGA that was opened in May 2009 with the exhibition Animal Kingdom by Vladimir Leben. TukadMUNGA was an art gallery that hosted exhibitions, educational projects, literature gatherings, workshops and lectures by emerging artists. It was founded by Iskra Beličanska, Vladimir Leben and Joao Paulo Nasri and was active from 2009 to 2011 as the main project of Studio 8. The name of the gallery TukadMunga – a river that runs upstream – was in relation to the alternative policy of the gallery which was also informally known as Soteska.

Past programme

TukadMUNGA hosted several solo shows by Slovene and foreign artists, such as Beli sladoled, Matej Stupica, Rone 84, Bojan Mavsar, Mitja Kobal, Neven Korda, Rada Kikelj, Srečko Srebot, Dušan Merklin, Noemi Veberič Levovnik, Grega Mastnak, Matej Bizovičar, Bogdan Kristofer Meško, Eko Seri, Vania Rovisco, Camila Rocha, and João César Monteiro among others.

TukadMunga also organised or co-organised various workshops, such as Light and Textile, Illustrations for Ibotity picture book and Batik workshop led by Katja Colja. Art courses TukadMunga – Iskra took place in or in front of the the gallery and were led by Iskra Beličanska and assistant Matjaž Stražar.

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