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Beli sladoled

Miha Perne

Svetosavska 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Leon Zuodar

Pivška 2, SI-6230 Postojna

Beli sladoled 2011 The Winner's Podium.JPGThe Winner's Podium, an installation that won first prize in OHO Group Award competition, by artists Miha Perne and Leon Zuodar, working as Beli sladoled [White ice cream], 2011

Beli sladoled (meaning, "White ice cream") is an artist group consisting of two academic painters: Miha Perne from Ljubljana and Leon Zuodar from Postojna. They are primarily interested in drawing and use the element of surprise when preparing exhibitions in which they always avoid showing things twice.

Beli sladoled develops drawing in a wider context. The group considers drawings as living forms that set off visible reactions in contact with the viewer, mostly laughter. The drawings are usually on smaller formats and with various motifs that are a result of artistic experiment and the development of a context.


The members of Beli sladoled met in 1998 at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. They created the group and had their first exhibition in Slovenske Konjice Kulturni dom in 2006. The group claims its name Beli sladoled was chosen by chance.

The work of Miha Perne focuses on the mythological register of Western society, ranging from historical facts to futuristic projections, while Leon Zuodar uses references to subculture movements. Their work is multilayered, saturated, stylised, and repetitive. Both of them demonstrate iconographic heterogeneity and a unique way of remodelling and combining elements.


Beli sladoled won the first prize in OHO Group Award competition in 2011. On the exhibition of the nominees in the Vžigalica Gallery in May 2011, Beli sladoled presented the unconventional artwork The Winner's Podium, an installation of wood, bolts, paint, plastic grass, metal numbers, and two human beings. The artwork can be understood as a part of a parallel universe that opposes the competition.


The publications of Beli sladoled are an important part of the group's production and are also often used as promotion material. Beli sladoled generally uses low-budget funds and does not sell the publications but gives them to people who are interested in drawing. Print-runs are usually about 100 copies. Beli sladoled has independently published a comic strip album ANTIŠALCE (123 pages/A5) and several drawing compilations: 10 O'CLOCK drawings (76 pages/A6), IT'S TIME TO MOVE ON – relationships drawings (24 pages/A6) and MY MSN DRAWINGS – mouse drawings (62pages/A6).

BELI SLADOLED and FRIENDS is an international drawing compilation that Beli sladoled worked on for over a year. It was published in 2008 and includes drawings of 25 excellent drawers from all Europe: Beli sladoled, Foco, Sergej, Koco, Vasja Lebarič, Matej Lavrenčič, Milanka Fabjančič, Rone84, Puma34, Oko, Pas, Ioke42, Jaka Vatovec, Nina Slejko, Conny Blom, Luka Česnik, Matjaž Bertoncelj, Dulait, Anne-May, Finsta, Aorta, Uroš Weinberger, Klemen Gorup.

Exhibitions and projects

Beli sladoled has exhibited in Ljubljana (Ganes Pratt Gallery, International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana), Alkatraz Gallery, P74 Centre and Gallery), Novo mesto (Simulaker Gallery), Celje (Likovni salon Celje), Maribor (UGM Studio, Maribor Art Gallery), and abroad (Stuttgart, Gothenburg, Vienna, Korčula, etc.). Among the most important exhibitions in which they have exhibited include the 2007 Biennial of Graphic Arts, in which they presented Anti Liquid Staircase, and the show at Galeri Rotor 2, Gothenburg, Sweden in 2007, in which they presented I Like Volvo Tattooz Show.

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Beli sladoled (meaning, "White ice cream") is an artist group consisting of two academic painters: Miha Perne from Ljubljana and Leon Zuodar from Postojna. +
Beli sladoled (meaning, "White ice cream") is an artist group consisting of two academic painters: Miha Perne from Ljubljana and Leon Zuodar from Postojna. +
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