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Contact info
Študentski, mladinski in otroški center Laško
Mestna ulica 2, SI-3270 Laško
Phone386 (0) 51 425 950
Jurij Šuhel, Programme Head
Phone386 (0) 31 532 600
Nika Košak, Communication
Phone386 (0) 51 305 939
Online accounts:
facebook  youtube  vimeo  

ŠMOCL is the Slovenian acronym for the Student, Youth and Children's Centre of Laško and this more or less sums up the rather wide range of this organisation's activities. The centre equally indulges in programmes for preschool kids as well as in punk and metal concerts, and also in mobilising the local student population to participate with the ŠMOCL-run local TV project.

At the same time, ŠMOCL is a venue running since 2002 and a locally oriented collective that also engages in projects like the Beer and Flower Festival and the children's festival Pisani balon ("Colourful Balloon"). ŠMOCL's programme is very often an extension of initiatives coming from the local community. For example, due to the number of sport climbers from the area, the club screens climbing-related movies, participates in filming the local climbing ascents and helps with other related events. Similarly, due to some notable young musicians living in Laško, their respective genres are more present in the club's music programme.

ŠMOCL also organises projects such as a children's daycare, workshops on photography, international exchanges. It is also rather popular for its table tennis and table football equipment. The centre cooperates with the Velenje Festival, the Laško Public Library and tens of other institutions and collectives, from the local fishing club to numerous regional educational, sports and cultural protagonists.

Video activities

ŠMOCL is particularly strong in the video field and is the producer of a regional web-based video news programme called Laško TV. They film the activities carried out at the centre and rent out audio and video equipment. ŠMOCL has also been a co-producer of quite a few independent short film productions, with some of them screened at the International Mountain Film Festival Domžale.

Music programme

Music-wise, ŠMOCL's programme is very wide indeed and often includes musicians from abroad, such as the metalcore band Undying. Some of the presented artists include jazz musicians Bojan Krhlanko, Jaka Kopač, Robert Jukič and their respective bands; the local metal group In The Crossfire; and bands such as Human host Body, Joko Ono, Čompe. Sometimes also various club nights and events such as DJ competitions take place.

ŠMOCL was a part of the Punk Rock Holiday pre-event and has hosted the punk bands Banner Pilot (US), Sraightline (DE) and Deadends (AT). Other representatives of this genre who stopped at ŠMOCL were also Linterno (IT), Terrafraid (UK) and Edgarville (UK).

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