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Contact info
Festival piva in cvetja
Trg svobode 6, SI-3270 Laško
Phone386 (0) 3 733 8930
Fax386 (0) 3 733 8940
Organised bySTIK Laško
Festival dates12.7.2012 - 15.7.2012
11.7.2013 - 14.7.2013
17.7.2014 - 20.7.2014
16.7.2015 - 19.7.2015
14.7.2016 - 17.7.2016
13.7.2017 - 16.7.2017
12.7.2018 - 15.7.2018
11.7.2019 – 14.7.2019
9.7.2021 - 12.7.2021
Tina Belej, Head
Online accounts:
youtube  instagram  facebook  

Beer and Flower Festival 2016 Gibonni performance.jpg

Beer and Flowers festival that started in 1963 is one of the biggest festival events in Slovenia with a long tradition. Every July the town of Laško in Savinja Region (Eastern Slovenia), with the hops-growing tradition, presents all genres of music, from brass music to blues, and introduces several international guests.

During five decades the festival has featured around 1,000 music bands and individual performers, among them numerous ethnic/world music groups, local brass bands, artists as well as floral professionals. The rich summertime programme and the high-quality Laško beer Zlatorog has attracted several million visitors, and its popularity is growing.

Beer and Flower Festival 2013 promenade Photo Jure Makovec.jpg


In recent years Beer and Flowers festival hosted many renown musicians including Europe, Samantha Fox, Natalie Imbruglia, The Dead Daisies, Phil X, Airbourne and many many more.

Beer and Flower Festival 2017 Airbourne performance.jpg

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