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Slovene artists and producers hosted in Croatia

Slovene artists and producers feature regularily on cultural events in Croatia. Check below a selection of some current events or explore the interactive map of events. Almost half of the events have taken place in Zagreb; however the coastal towns of Rijeka, Pula, Split and Dubrovnik, or Čakovec and Osijek have hosted Slovenian creators, too. Especially in Istria, and also in Zagreb, cooperation with a culturally prolific Slovenian minority is vibrant.

At the festivals in Croatia

Slovene artists and producers regularly participate at established Croatian festivals:

Cf. the list of all the festivals in Croatia with Slovenian participation below.


Roman Uranjek 2021 Radical Geometries exhibition Zagreb.jpegThe group exhibition Radical Geometries at the Lexart Depot in Zagreb features also the installation by Roman Uranjek, 2021. The artists (from left to right) Dean Jokanović Toumin and Roman Uranjek.


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Events in Croatia

Festivals in Croatia

  • 3N Fair: Abandon Normal Devices
  • Animafest Zagreb
  • Arterija III Festival of Visual Arts
  • Arterija International Festival of Visual Arts
  • Assitej Festival Čakovec
  • Avvantura Film Festival Vis
  • BOK FEST Bjelovar
  • Book Fair(y) Istria Festival of Books and Authors
  • Brač Film Festival
  • Changer Festival Šibenik
  • Conference of Puppeteers and Puppet Theaters
  • Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
  • Dance Inn Festival
  • Dance Week Festival
  • Days of Slovenian Film in Pula
  • Device Art Festival
  • DORF, Documentary Rock Film Festival
  • Dubrovnik Summer Festival
  • Ethnographic Film Festival
  • Eurokaz Festival
  • European Film Days Croatia
  • Extravagant Bodies Festival
  • Fadil Hadžić Satire Days
  • Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts for Children - Plesni zbirkus
  • Festival of Croatian Drama for Children Mali Marulić
  • Festival of Croatian Drama - Marulić Days
  • Festival of Dance and Non-verbal Theatre
  • Festival of European Short Stories
  • Festival of World Literature
  • Free Festival 6
  • Ganz New International Festival of Developmental Theatre
  • Ganz New Perforations Festival
  • Ganz Nove Perforacije
  • Gavella Evenings
  • Golden Lion International Festival of Chamber Theatre
  • Gornji grad Literary Festival
  • Gumbek Days Festival
  • Hvar Summer Festival
  • Improspekcije Festival
  • InMusic Festival
  • International Documentary Film Festival ZagrebDox
  • International Festival of Chamber Theatre Golden Lion Umag
  • International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Zadar Snova
  • International Photography Festival
  • International Puppet Theater Revue Rijeka
  • International Puppet Theatre Festival
  • International Puppet Theatre Festival PIF
  • International Small Scene Theatre Festival Rijeka
  • Istria Festival of Books and Authors
  • Johannesburg Fest
  • Kliker Festival
  • Korčula Summer Festival
  • L-fest
  • Lutkokaz International Puppetry Festival
  • Lutkokaz - International Puppetry Review
  • MaFest Comic Book Festival
  • Marulić Days Festival
  • Mediteraneo Festival
  • Mediterranean Film Festival Split
  • Mediterranean Sculptures Symposium
  • Metalfest Open Air Croatia
  • Miroslav Krleža Festival
  • Monodrama Festival
  • Monoplay Festival of Solos
  • Mostar Summer Festival, International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Zadar Snova
  • Motovun Film Festival
  • Naj Naj Naj Festival
  • Naj, naj, naj Festival Zagreb
  • Novi Ganz Development Theatre Festival
  • Novi Vinodolski International Classic Music Festival
  • OFF, Opuzen Film Festival
  • One Take Film Festival
  • Osor Musical Evenings
  • Panč Stand-up Comedy Festival
  • Periskop Festival
  • Petar Nakić Organ Festival
  • Photori Rijeka Photography Festival
  • PIF International Puppet Theatre Festival Zagreb
  • PIF Zagreb, International Puppet Theatre Festival
  • Pula Art and Music Festival
  • Pula Film Festival
  • Queer Festival Zagreb
  • Queer Zagreb
  • Revija lutkarskih kazališta Rijeka
  • Revue of Puppet Theatres in Rijeka
  • Rijeka European Capital of Culture 2020
  • SLUK Festival Osijek
  • Small Scene Theatre Festival
  • Small Urban Festival Sisak
  • Sounded Bodies International Performance Festival
  • Split Film Festival
  • Split Summer Festival
  • Stih u regiji (SUR) International Festival
  • St. Mark's Festival
  • Subversive Festival
  • Tabor Film Festival
  • Terraneo Festival
  • Tko čita? Festival
  • T-Mobile INmusic festival
  • Touch Me Festival
  • Tuzla Film Festival
  • Virkas Festival
  • Visualia Festival of Light
  • vRIsak Rijeka Book Fair and Author Festival
  • Vukovar Film Festival
  • World Festival of Ivan Cankar
  • zadARSnova Festival
  • Zadar Summer Theatre Festival
  • Zagreb Dance Week
  • Zagreb Design Week
  • ZagrebDox International Documentary Film Festival
  • Zagreb Film Festival
  • Zagreb Salon of Visual Arts
  • Zlatni lav - Leone d'Oro, International Festival of Chamber Theatre
  • Zoom Festival
  • ZOOM Festival
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