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Distributors]] [[Category:Film distributors
2 April 2010 05:44:51
distributor covering the territories of the former Yugoslavia. Then in 2004, following the establishment of Cinears
distributor and a presenter, but in the 1990s it was split into two companies, with
20 December 2020 18:16:36
Department of Sociology, University of Ljubljana 2011 Zygmunt Bauman's lecture Photo Borut Krajnc.jpg
The Study of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana began in 1960, and was thus the first and the oldest regular university study in sociology on Slovenian territory.
19 February 2021 00:42:35
The production agency and film distributor Arsmedia produces and co-produces feature, short and documentary films.
4 August 2020 11:27:13
Sokolski dom Culture Centre Skofja Loka 2010 Ive Subic exhibition Photo Alenka Pirman (2).jpg
Foto: Alenka Pirman
Ive Šubic exhibition at Sokolski dom
6 February 2021 21:53:29
House website] [[Category:Distributors]]
2 April 2010 05:30:03
Independent distributors also take part in the event. }}
2 April 2010 05:30:21
Established in 1992 as a voluntary, independent, and non-profit union, the Union of Slovene Folklore Groups brings together 72 registered folklore groups and associations, and 6 festivals (among them the CIOFF festival Folkart International Folklore Festival, Maribor and the Mediterranean International Folklore Festival (MIFF)) to cooperate with folklore festival organisers both in Slovenia and abroad in the presentation of Slovene folkloric customs, music, and dance.
19 February 2021 00:38:45
Established as a separate section within the Ministry of Culture in 2003, the Section for Intermedia Arts is today a part of the ministry's Creativity Directorate.
19 February 2021 00:34:44
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