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Kosovelova knjižnica, Sežana.jpg
Poet Nataša Velikonja has collected data on Slovene poetry from various sources, from its earliest liturgical and folk beginnings to today’s diverse production.
14 April 2021 06:10:46
The House of Poetry Literature Association dedicates its activities to the promotion of poetry.
22 March 2021 13:03:31
Poetry and Wine Festival - 09.jpg
The Days of Poetry and Wine Festival is a festival that hosts the younger generation of poets from all over the world.
1 July 2021 20:35:59
Tomaz Salamun Poetry Centre 2016 Book collection Photo Mihael Klep.JPG
The Tomaž Šalamun Poetry Centre is simultaneously a library, memorial room, study facility and multipurpose event space dedicated to poetry and literature.
24 November 2020 17:44:26
Organised annually by Pivec Publishing House, the Poetry Tournament is an event during which the title of Knight or Dame of Poetry is bestowed upon the author of the best unpublished Slovenian poem.
19 February 2021 00:10:51
The Rotterdam-based Poetry International Foundation Web is a worldwide forum for poetry with news, essays, interviews, discussion, and hundreds of poems by acclaimed modern poets from all around the world, both in their original language and in English translation.
23 June 2018 21:37:07
Fit media Ltd 2012 Veronikini veceri Photo Bostjan Cadej.jpg
The Golden Coin of Poetry was introduced in 2005 within the framework of the Veronika Award ceremony to commemorate a lifetime contribution to Slovene poetry.
19 February 2021 00:10:49
Tomaž Šalamun Poetry Centre (logo).svg
3 February 2017 16:29:58
Days of Poetry and Wine Festival (logo).svg
21 August 2015 07:32:31
Poetry and Wine Festival - 06.jpg
Established in 1995 by the Študentska založba Publishing House, Ljubljana, Days of Poetry and Wine Festival has an established annual tradition. Poetry volumes for sale, 2008
21 November 2018 00:41:05
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