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Department of Sociology, University of Ljubljana 2011 Zygmunt Bauman's lecture Photo Borut Krajnc.jpg
The Study of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana began in 1960, and was thus the first and the oldest regular university study in sociology on Slovenian territory.
19 February 2021 00:42:35
The Slovene branch of Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI) was established in 1969 as a non-profit union of the JMI associations.
19 February 2021 00:50:15
Indigo Festival – an international festival of contemporary ideas – is a festival platform for the latest trends in art, culture, media, music, film, theatre and design.
25 September 2020 11:50:01
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31 December 2016 11:51:11

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| street
DIVA Station is a research and study archive of video and new media art developed and maintained by the SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts.
19 February 2021 00:32:14
Soteska Depot of Vehicles 2005 permanent exhibition.JPG
Foto: Technical Museum of Slovenia
Collection of vehicles at Soteska open-storage depot, Soteska Depot of Vehicles, 2005
6 February 2021 23:33:11
Miner's House Idrija 2007 lace making table.JPG
Foto: Janez Novak
Lace making table at Miner's House - Ethnological Collection, 2007
3 September 2019 15:08:47
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