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Center arhitekture Slovenije, zavod za izobraževanje o arhitekturi, prostoru in oblikovanju
Rimska cesta 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 40 270 232
Barbara Viki Šubic
Špela Kuhar
Polona Filipič
Tina Gradišer
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The Center for Architecture Slovenia, an Institute for the Development of Spatial Culture, founded in 2013 in Ljubljana, works in the field of architectural education and design, underlining the importance of the quality of the built space. With the help of a number of collaborators, they take care of the spatial literacy of children and adults throughout Slovenia.

With their many projects, the Centre for Architecture Slovenia wants to raise awareness of the great impact space and architecture have on people's lives, health, well-being, success, safety and satisfaction, and especially the awareness of the rich Slovene cultural and architectural heritage.

Center for Architecture Slovenia 2017 Playful Architecture.jpg

Playful Architecture

Center for Architecture Slovenia (logo) Playful Architecture.jpg

Playful Architecture is an educational programme for children and youth, parents and educators. The project, with modern methods of learning by experience and accompanied with a preschool and primary school manual, supports the development of critical and creative thinking for understanding space, architecture and design in formal and non-formal educational settings. More than 4,000 visitors and 350 architects, landscape architects, spatial planners, designers, etc., have participated in various activities and workshops around Slovenia. For its contribution to architectural culture, the project was awarded a Plečnik Medal in 2013.

The Gift of Slovenian Architecture

Center for Architecture Slovenia (logo) Gift of Slovenian Architecture.JPG

In 2014, the Centre for Architecture Slovenia initiated a collection of products, called the Gift of Slovenian Architecture, with motifs from key works from Slovene architectural heritage and contemporary architecture (e.g., Ivan Vurnik, Helena Kottler Vurnik, Maks Fabiani and Edvard Ravnikar). Beside their usability, the gifts also have an important symbolic value, as they raise awareness of quality Slovene architecture. All the gifts are created by young Slovene designers and producers, in collaboration with educational institutions (e.g., the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and the Faculty of Design).

Center for Architecture Slovenia 2016 Gift of Slovenian Architecture.JPG

Vurnik's Days

Since 2014, the Centre for Architecture Slovenia has been organising Vurnik's Days 2014–2018, celebrations of the anniversary of birth of the architect Ivan Vurnik (1884–1971), but also of the memory on his wife, the painter Helena Kottler Vurnik (1882–1962). In 2015, this project was shortlisted for the European Cultural Heritage Award EUROPA NOSTRA. In 2018, the Centre for Architecture Slovenia with other public and educational institutions also established the Vurnik Award for prospective students of architecture and urban planning.

Center for Architecture Slovenia 2015 Vurnik's Days.jpg

Fabiani’s Year 2015

The Centre for Architecture Slovenia also organised events around Fabiani's Year 2015, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of architect Maks Fabiani (1865–1962). On this occasion, they designed a corporate visual identity and textile products together with the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana.

Modern Movement Women project

Since 2016, the Centre for Architecture Slovenia has been co-organising exhibitions under the name "To the Fore: Female Pioneers in Slovenian Architecture and Design" which are part of the international interdisciplinary project MoMoWo (Modern Movement Women), in Slovenia run by the France Stele Institute of Art History. In 2016, the "Open Doors Day" in the studios of women architects was held in several European cities. The special attention that the Centre for Architecture Slovenia pays to women artists is also expressed in the organisation of the exhibition of the painter Helena Kottler Vurnik at the National Gallery of Slovenia in 2017.

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