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Koridor - križišča umetnosti
Jan Podbevšek, Editor-in-Chief
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Corridor, Crossroads of Arts is an online media platform dedicated to promoting and reviewing culture, arts and other creative endeavours. It was established in early 2014 and it aims to familiarise its readers with current art events while also critically evaluating the Slovene and international cultural and art scenes.


Koridor was established by a group of enthusiasts, mostly students of art and social sciences, as a blog supported by a clever Facebook and Twitter presence. It aims to inform, educate, and evaluate art and culture produced by foreign and local authors. Koridor's journalists are devoted as much to mainstream art as they are to emerging and sometimes provocative art forms. Koridor focuses on Slovene events, artists and audiences and it applies itself to the cultivation and appreciation of many different arts. It embraces film, TV, music, literature, fine art, dance, theatre, design, video games as well as other emerging and transitory art forms.

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