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Galerija Žula
Obrežna 57, SI-2000 Maribor
Phone386 (0) 2 429 6950, 386 (0) 2 252 5088
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Obrežna 57,
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The Žula Gallery ceased its activities. See below the archival article.

Archival article

The Žula Gallery founded by the Maribor art collector Peter Žula produces exhibitions of selected artists at two addresses in Maribor. Exhibitions are always accompanied by publications/catalogues. The artists of the gallery are eminent names of Slovene painting and sculpture such as Gustav Gnamuš, Zdenka Žido, Dušan Tršar, Bogdan Borčić, Sandi Červek, Oto Rimele, Oton Polak, Dušan Fišer, Mirko Bratuša, Zdenko Huzjan, Bogdan Čobal, Marjan Gumilar, Zmago Jeraj, Erik Lovko, Silvan Omerzu, Ivo Prančič, Silvester Plotajs Sicoe, Jože Šubic, Viktor Rebernak, Dragica Čadež and Brumen Čop. Works are also presented on the gallery's website.

The gallery collaborates with other galleries, engages in the framing of paintings and advises customers on the selection and installation of artworks. In 2001 the Peter Žula Collection was exhibited in the Maribor Art Gallery.

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