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Knjigarna Behemot
Mestni trg 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 251 1392
Dean Ivandić, Head

In January 2014 the Behemot Bookshop closed its door, the reasons being explained on the Behemot blog.

Archival article

Behemot is the first all-English bookshop in Ljubljana. It is an independent bookshop, established in 2005. One of the owners is Dean Ivandić who previously ran the Anagram bookstore in Prague. Behemot offers carefully-selected fiction as well as children's books and also a number of new publications on history, philosophy, mythology, film, theatre, and music. In October 2010 the Behemot Bookshop got new premises on the ground floor of the City Art Gallery Ljubljana.

Customers can order any book in English at no extra charge; the vast majority of them arrive within 14 days. They can also order out-of-print and antiquarian books.

Behemot blog is worth a visit as it publishes news from the international book scene and offers numerous hand-picked links to international publishers and independent bookshops worldwide.

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