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Arhiv republike Slovenije: Enota na Kongresnem trgu, Ljubljana
Kongresni trg 1, SI-1127 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 241 4287
Fax386 (0) 1 241 4299
Managed byArchives of the Republic of Slovenia
Metka Gombač, Head
Phone386 (0) 1 241 4289

The Branch Unit I of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia in Kazina Palace in Ljubljana was formerly the Archives of the Institute of the History of the Labour Movement, established in 1959, and since 1989 the Archives of the Institute of Modern History. In 1992 the Archives were eliminated from the Institute and annexed to the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia. It houses a sector for the protection of World War Two records and records on 20th-century Slovene history. A reading room is available.


A Neoclassical palace at the northern corner of Kongresni trg (Congress Square) was built in 1837 by Kazina Society. The three-storey building, designed by Venceslav Vadlav, houses two halls and a number of organisations, including Dance School Kazina, Institute of Modern History, France Marolt Academic Folklore Group, branches of Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and others, and used to be a social centre of the Ljubljana middle class elite. Its entrance is tressed with a balcony, supported by four Doric columns, and a gable. The upper two storeys are articulated with Ionic pilaster. The foremost Slovene poet France Prešeren used to go there to observe his muse Julija, when attending dances with her mother.

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