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Cancel is not active any more. See below the archival article.

Archival article

Since its beginnings in 1998 as the Blackweed group, the Ljubljana-based band Cancel has become one of the leading groups engaged in a mixture of the urban sounds of hip hop, crossover, and metal. The band was initially made up of 3 instrumentalists and three vocalists, but later expanded to a group of 8 in 2004. Currently there are only 4 members: Damir Babič (bass); Sašo Pušnik (drums); Gašper Škulj (vocals); and Jernej Demšar (guitar).

Since 2002 Peter Penko has produced new vocals and materials. In 2002 the group performed at several venues in Slovenia as a part of the Club Marathon, a project run by Radio Študent (RŠ). In 2004 the group produced the album Urban Neurosis, which was released by B Pop Records, Ljubljana. The texts are socially engaging, and are also in Croatian and English.


Cancel has performed with Public Enemy (Hala Tivoli, 1999) and Voodoo Popey (Klub K4, 1999); its first solo concert was at the Trnfest Festival. In 2000 the band performed at Forte Prenestino in Rome, and in 2001 it opened for the Asian Dub Foundation at Klub K4, Ljubljana.

Cancel performed at the 4th Street Explosion concert (consisting of the best Slovene and Croatian hip hop groups) in Ljubljana (Klub K4) and in Zagreb. Their upcoming album Kriza identitete [Identity Crisis] was released in 2011.

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