Days of Slovenian popular music


Dnevi slovenske zabavne glasbe
Festival dates21.4.2017

The last edition of this short-lived festival took place in 2017. Its successor is called Popevka, continuing the tradition of the Slovenska popevka Festival.

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The festival Days of Slovenian popular music was launched in 2016 as a new take on the Slovenska popevka Festival tradition, that of Radio-Television Slovenia running a festival platform for the development and dissemination of newly composed Slovenian pop music.

The project is made up of three consecutive Saturday evenings, one featuring a chosen and renowned band setting up a solo concert, the second is competitive and one focusing on a pop-rock selection of acts and the third one continuing with a selection of songs in the vein of the popevka legacy. Each of the latter evenings is concluded by a chosen winning artist.

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