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Moderna galerija Ljubljana – Foo Bar
Moderna galerija Ljubljana, Tomšičeva 14, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia,

Phone386 (0) 241 6800
Dunja Kukovec, Curator

Phone386 (0) 40 294668

Foo Bar is an annual multimedia programme that strengthens the socio-critical space of the Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, where the line separating the creator and the viewer is blurred. Conceived by Dunja Kukovec - who in 2001 organised the Scanline festival of free time, digital animated image and sound at the Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, see - Foo Bar stages events created by artists whose creativity is channelled through modern technology. Formal news and current issues can be seen in network, visual, sonic and programming experiments. Within its programme Foo Bar pursues future issues concerning technology and progress and their affect on society. Each artist or group is conceived in an idiosyncratic way, and sometimes different art practices or theories are set in action to improve communication and to understand the local context.

Slovene performers have included: Octex; Gven and Tano Taylor (pioneers of Maya software for 3D animation reverse engineering); and MD Mikka and Loosebot (an engineer of physics and audio recording arts whose live show uses basic sounds with the help of pd open source computer software, see

International artists taking part in past events include Zvuk Broda (Croatia - an electronic music and visual imaging group which runs the virtual label egoboobits,; Daniel Fisher (Germany - a c++ programmer who developed Surveillance Entertainment); and Artbitch (Austria - a music group presenting live laptop music using max software).