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Leonora Mark

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Leonora Jakovljević's line of designer shoes is hand-made and has a lasting appeal, balancing a creative approach with industrial trends and following a very individual style. Leonora Jakovljević studied at the Department of Textiles, University of Ljubljana and took special studies at the Academia Domus in Milan, Italy. Since 1992 she has engaged in various artistic performances and exhibitions under her stage name Leonora Mark (Bitef Theatre in Belgrade, Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, Exit, New York, Kapelica Gallery, Likovni salon Celje). She has collaborated with the Oktober Studio since 2001 and in 2002 she launched the production of shoes and trimmings. The Peter Faber brand was launched in 2003 and the Leonora Mark Unique Style Shoes for Collectors and Experts and Leonora Mark - Ave Femina (pret-a-porter) in 2004.