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The project Media Watch initiated at the Open Society Institute Slovenia in 1998 has run for 15 years, till December 2013. See below the archival article.

Archival article

Originally established in 1998 by the Open Society Institute Slovenia, the Media Watch project was taken over by the Peace Institute's Centre for Media Policy when the Open Society Institute closed in 2000. Media Watch is responsible for studying and monitoring mass media in Slovenia and publishing essays and articles on its work in the Media Watch magazine and Media Watch bilingual book series. Most of the publications are available online in pdf format, both in Slovenian and English. The books are distributed by Buča Bookselling and Publishing.

Media Watch magazine

Past magazine issues have covered such topics as analyses of media reporting, ethics of advertising in the media, media markets, expansion of media corporations, accessibility of media, freelance reporters and unions, media overview, media and law, media in various regions, media in the world, reviews, conferences and seminars, and news. Media Watch magazine is published quarterly and is also available online.

Media Watch book series

The Media Watch book series has addressed a slew of issues, among them Eurocentrism, violence in the media, the portrayal of homosexuals, women, refugees and the Roma people in the media, media policy and regulation, hate-speech in Slovenia, and more. Books in the series generally emphasise the situation in Slovenia and often offer comparisons with and analyses of other countries.

In recent years the Media Watch book series has issued the following titles: Media for Citizens, EUrosis: A Critique of the New Eurocentrism, Media Ownership: Impact on Media Independence and Pluralism in Slovenia and Other Post-socialist European Countries, Media Representations of Homosexuality: an Analysis of the Print Media in Slovenia, 1970–2000, and Violence in the Media: the Extent and the Influence of Violence in the Media in Slovenia. Though the context of the book series is Slovene, it also welcomes international and regional research input.

Recent projects

One of the major Media Watch projects in 2009 was devoted to the legendary newspaper Feral Tribune from Split, Croatia. Together with the Peace Institute - Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, Mediacentar (Sarajevo) and the Open Society Institute, the legacy of Feral Tribune and its progressive journalism was evaluated at several conferences held in the ex-Yugoslavian countries. The heritage of the Feral Tribune was preserved and digitalised in an online archive.

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