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Revija Medijska preža
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Brankica Petković, Editor in Chief

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The project Media Watch initiated at the Open Society Institute Slovenia in 1998 has run for 15 years, till December 2013. See below the archival article.

Archival article

The Media Watch Magazine is a biannual publication of the Media Watch project, managed by the Peace Institute's Centre for Media Policy and founded in 1998. Past issues have covered the following themes: analyses of media reporting, ethics of advertising in the media, media markets, expansion of media corporations, accessibility of media, freelance reporters and unions, media overview, media and law, media in various regions, media in the world, reviews, conferences and seminars, and news.

Challenges in Journalism and the Media

The magazine offers a public space for articles and papers written by journalists, publicists and other figures in Slovenian, regional (Croatia, Serbia, BIH ...) and global media landscape. The regular sections in the magazine include: Media Policy, Media Industry, Research Journalism, Media and the Law, Representations in the Media, Media and the Ethics, Media and Society, Analysis of Media Report, and a special section dedicated to Photo Journalism.

In association with the Peace Institute as one of the centres in the media research the Media Watch magazine serves as a platform for the networks as South East European Network for Professionalisation of the Media (SEENPM), and the Soros foundation OSI Network. Within the SEENPM network the common ground for media research, seminars, and exchanges have been established.

The official language of the publication is Slovenian, the published articles are also available at the online archive.

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