Mediterranean Festival, Izola



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Mediteran festival, Izola
Veliki trg 1, SI-6310 Izola-Isola
Phone386 (0) 5 640 0010
Drago Mislej-Mef, Director

Since its inception in 1998 the Mediterranean Festival has hosted 120 groups of world music of all genres, ranging from traditional folk music to popular electronic ethnic music. The Festival takes place at Manzioli Square in Izola-Isola. The 2002 programme included the Finnish group Varttina, French Roma music group Bratsch, Italian folk musician Toscana Riccardo Tesi, popular ethno-jazz group the Balkan Horses Band, a women’s choir from Bulgaria Angelite, the Afro-Spanish Ensemble, Radio Tarifa and Musafir from Indian Rajasthan, the Katalena film project of Bratko Bibič and the Madleys, Furlanic musicians Arbe Garbe and the ethno-ska music group Cafe Rosita. In 2003 guest artists came from Italy, Macedonia, China, Palestine, Australia, the UK, the Congo and Belgium. In 2007 six concerts took place at various locations: at Lonka, Shoto Club, the workshops and jam sessions took place also under Belvedere Hotel.