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Polanškova ulica 15, SI-1231 Ljubljana

The crew is no longer active under this name.

Archival article

Monkibo began in 1998, when members of the Jungle Star Communitee (a breakbeat producers crew from Ljubljana) organised themselves into an informal collective for the development of various forms of urban culture. Monkibo, as they called themselves, was at once a DJ and producers crew, an event organiser, founder of a web portal, and also a record label.

As a label, they released the first (or, as some dispute, the second) breakbeat compilation in Slovenia called Monk-o-rama (1999). Featuring most of the relevant Slovene artists dealing with this kind of music, it was, despite being quickly sold out, the first and the last record they published. More successful as a musicians collective, they played music on numerous events. Monkibo also organised a number of events of various musical orientations and brought many a perspective or renowned foreign musician to DJ booths across Slovenia. For a time since 2000, they also hosted a bi-monthly live radio show about music and urban culture called Monkibo Show on Radio Študent (RŠ).

Some of the musicians that were or are a part of the collective are DJ Lunic, DJ Van Alec (alias DJ Vandalek), MC Kosta, and Markof. They recently formalised their status and are now named Monkibo, Association for the Development and Promotion of Urban Culture.

Monkibo website

The web portal Monkibo has been online since 1998. After being one of the first Slovene websites dealing with urban music and other urban cultures, it has grown into a relatively large, bulletin-board-structured website mainly dealing with hip-hop music. It announces hip-hop events, offers a platform for reviews and discussions, presents fresh music productions, and has over 2,500 registered users.

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