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Pegaz film, Filmska in video produkcija d.o.o.
Robbova 23, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 431 3345, 386 41 728 811
Andrej Mlakar, Director

The company has stopped its film production activities.

Archival article

The film and video production company Pegaz Film was established in 1991 by film director Andrej Mlakar. The company's filmography among others includes short fiction films and documentaries such as Ruševec [The Grouse] (1991) and Torzo Stanka Arnolda [A Torso Of Stanko Arnold] (1992) by Miran Ljubič, and two feature films: Halgato (1994) and Mokuš (2000), both directed by Andrej Mlakar. His first feature film Christophoros (1985) received a Grand Prix Award at the Film Festival in Strasbourg and the Metod Badjura Award in 1986.

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