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Tržaška cesta 47, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Marina Gržinić, Editor in Chief

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Reartikulacija is an artistic-political-theoretical-discursive platform created in 2007 by the group Reartikulacija (Marina Gržinić, Staš Kleindienst, Sebastjan Leban, and Tanja Passoni). The platform is structured as a multi-level intervention: by issuing a publication; creating, producing, and organising exhibitions; and holding lectures. It follows the tenets of radical theory and functions as a work in progress.

The project reflects and promotes contemporary political theory, art projects, social, political, lesbian, and queer activism, and self-organisation. It involves many regional activists, artists, and thinkers that engage in the practice of social and political intervention in Slovenia, the Balkans, and internationally.

In December 2009 Reartikulacija organised in the City Museum of Ljubljana a symposium titled De-linking from Capital and the Colonial Matrix of Power, accompanied by a the performance by Ana Hoffner and the exhibition The Law of Capital: Histories of Oppression.

The project is supported by the ERSTE Stiftung Vienna and a number of other organisations, including Cyberpipe, the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovene Academy of Science and Arts (ZRC SAZU), and the University of Nova Gorica.

Reartikulacija publication

Reartikulacija has been published till 2010 by the Society for Contemporary Creativity or HCHO three to four times per year and had a circulation of about 2000 copies. It featured contributions in Slovenian and English, with the full archive of past and current editions available online.

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