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Revija 2000
Slomškova 25, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 230 1192
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Published byDruštvo 2000
Peter Kovačič-Peršin, Editor in Chief
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The Revija 2000 went out of print in 2010. See below the archival article.

Archival article

Revija 2000 was a cultural, humanistic, and civil society journal, published by Društvo 2000. Founded in 1969 by a group of students, it was in print for 40 years. It drew on personalistic philosophy, social movements, democracy, pluralism, and anticipated the democratic developments of later years. The magazine was banned for four years during the 1970s; its critical stance, however, was only made more resolute in the process. In 1981 the magazine organised its first talk on the symbiosis of civil society, Marxist ideology, and the Roman Catholic Church. From 1985 onward it openly supported pluralistic tendencies in politics and later aimed for a critical evaluation and support of democratic society. The magazine included a wide array of contributions, including prose, poetry, translations, essays, diaries, and letters. Some of the areas examined and discussed were literary theory, linguistics, culture, art, philosophy and physiology, religion, and society.

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