Saltimbanko Magic World



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Čarobno gledališče Saltimbanko

Partizanska 77, SI-2000 Maribor

Sebastian Roškarič, Director


386 (0) 31 789 378

Polonka Červek, Programme Director


386 (0) 41 866 480

The theatre group is no more.

Archival article

Saltimbanko Magic World theatre group was established in 2000 by Sebastian Roškarič and Polonka Červek, who have combined their talents to create a magical world of juggling, movement, stilt-walking, pyrotechnics and visual effects. Their repertoire includes many magical and fairy-tale performances, animations, spectacles and street actions, suitable for both children and adults. Saltimbanko Magic World has co-operated internationally with various artists, and has led various seminars and workshops. In July 2003 it was awarded the Grand Prix Award at the Golden Lion International Theatre Festival in Umag, Croatia.


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