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Teater 55
KUD Teater 55, Dunajska 113, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 41 555 555
Branko Djurić-Djuro, Director

Theatre 55 is led by Branko Djurić–Djuro, who enjoyed considerable TV and film success in 1980s (he had a TV series Top lista nadrealista in Sarajevo) before moving to Slovenia and attracting large audiences there, first with the TV series Teater Paradižnik, and later with his stage appearances at Špas Theatre. In 2001 he established his own Theatre 55 company, which has created around seven comedies and enjoyed enormous box office success. Several of its shows are written by Djurić himself, while others are based on translations or adaptations of existing scripts (eg by Francis Veber and Robin Hawdon). Theatre 55's success is based on a formula of popular comedy delivered by a high-profile cast of actors who combine a professional theatre background with popular TV appearances. Performances are staged at Festivalna dvorana or Mengeš Culture House and also in numerous cultural centres around Slovenia.