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Contact info
Zbirka Hyperion
Kettejeva ulica 1, SI-6000 Koper
Phone386 (0) 5 627 4322
Published byDruštvo Hyperion - Umetniško združenje Hyperion
Andrej Medved, Managing Editor
Vida Udovič, President of the Association
Phone386 (0) 31 756 323

Hyperion [Zbirka Hyperion] is a book series published since 1999 by Hyperion Art Association based in Koper and run by editor Andrej Medved, a philosopher, art historian, writer, and translator who is also a fine arts curator at Obalne galerije - Coastal Galleries. Among many works by Andrej Medved an art historian study of Slovene painting and sculpture in the 1980s entitled Poetics of the Eighties in Slovenian Painting and Sculpture is just one of them. Also known as a poet, so far he published more than twenty poetry series.

The aim of this rich and various book series is to publish in Slovenian language important but often not yet translated authors from the field of literature, philosophy, art theory, psychoanalysis, aesthetics and linguistics. So far, Hyperion has published translations of the works of Jean-Louis Schefer, Julia Kristeva, Georges Bataille, Émile Beneviste, William Blake, Vanja Sutlić, Umberto Eco and many others. The works of Slovene authors among others include Tomaž Brejc, Ješa Denegri, and Andrej Medved.

The ambitious plans for the near future include publishing the transcripts and six-hour audio tapes of interviews with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

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